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Sunday, January 13, 2013
Sunday, January 13, 2013

NOT SENT LETTERS & GUESTS form public constellations of engaged interdisciplinary and durational practice, uncompromised by the realpolitik conditions of contemporary art as a competitive professional sphere. The interrelatedness of art, society and everyday life is critically explored amongst a diverse plurality of artists and publics. Jeremy Todd organizes each event as an extension of his NOT SENT LETTERS PROJECT, an
ongoing entanglement with the production of meaning, self and cultural memory, involving online image/text posts (since 2005), digital film shorts, interdisciplinary performance works and cooperatively realized public events:

Interdisciplinary works by
MARINA ROY, a Vancouver-based artist, writer and visual arts instructor, presents an
audio-visual lecture about animation, the uncanny capacity of inert things to “look back,”
and how this relates to animism as belief system, and the idea of “vibrant matter.” This
last term is from Jane Bennett, who writes about how seemingly inert and inanimate
matter has agential power and potential, pointing to a political-ecological ethos of which
art can be an extension.
HAYLEY LAUREN & FILIP GORECKI debut Dancing Blue: vocal poetry and
synthesizer, earthquakes and tsunami diamonds, the upheaval of roads beneath inner
combat, landscapes of naked truth, the love within hatred, ghosts of heavy water, the
clearing after devastation. All ruins build as the coral reef relaxes.
digital film shorts:
NEAL ROCKWELL, a film-maker, photographer and writer living in Montreal, debuts
Hosts of the Dead, a New York City shot digital film blending elements of absurdist
theater and stylistic traditions within documentary photography. The work explores
biology, life, hope and hopelessness within capitalist relations, other elements of
contemporary society, and the mute power of transitory instances.
SEBNEM OZPETA, a Vancouver-based visual artist and videographer/editor, debuts a
work utilizing extensive footage shot in her home country of Turkey. The work gives form
to experiences of difference in being here and there, and to listening for one’s inner
voice through the city.
GRAHAM MEISNER, a Vancouver-based electronic music composer and videographer,
debuts Artist Statement 4, a satirical piece dealing with the balance between art and the
specialized jargon used to describe or contextualize it. Artist Statement 4 poses the
question: What has more value, the theoretical statement or the art itself?
not sent letters set:
JEREMY TODD presents a new NOT SENT LETTERS SET featuring projections, live
music scoring by ZUZIA JUSZKIEWICZ and letters selected and read from the project
archive by RACHEL E. BAUMANN (To Your Absence), PIETRO SAMMARCO (To The
Oldest Tree In Europe) & RINA LIDDLE (To Twitter Silence).

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