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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Thursday, June 20, 2013

PORTALS is a sci-fi dystopic performance fantasy.

Set in the not-too-distant-future, in a society threatened by artists and children, an artist-on-the run
leads her community in a Cold War dance through trains and portals.

Screenings at 7PM, 8PM, 9PM

Director/Producer Margaret Dragu
Cinematographer/Editor — Moira Simpson
Dramaturge — Michael Turner
Sound Design/Composition — Emma Hendrix
Costume Diva — Marina SzijartoPerformers —
Margaret Dragu, Michael Turner
Makiko Hara, Debra Zhou, Randy Gledhill, Marina Szijarto
Christine Stewart, Marlin Stewart Burich, Emma Hendrix, Ari Hendrix, Odette Slayer, Satya Stelting,
Adrienne Kinzel, Geordie Birch, Julius Birch, Georgia Birch
Agnes Mertin, Ilsoo Kyung, Richard Burbidge, Suzy Burbidge, Bill MathesonPoster Design — Aretha Munro
Driver/Production Assistance — Kim BruceThanks to —
West Coast Railway Heritage Park
Peg Campbell
Chris McDowell
Russ J. Grycan
VIVO Media Arts Centre

Funded entirely by Artists’ Labour and The Eternal Network, 2013

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Margaret Dragu aka Verb Woman, aka Lady Justice, is a renowned interdisciplinary performance artist living and working in Vancouver. She returns to NSL&G to present material from her ongoing How To Be Old How To Guide series, taking on thoughts and issues to do with aging, culture and society. 3 videos will be screened: Get Devices, Get Rolling and Get Group-y.

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